Thursday, August 6, 2009

Books and Their Rating: Reccomendations by Antonio Cota

Rated with stars*****, one being the worst and five being the best.

Harry Potter:
and the Sorcerers Stone*****
and the Chamber of Secrets*****
and the Prisoner of Azkaban(not her best work)
and the Goblet of Fire*****
and the Order of the Phoenix*****
and the Half-Blood Prince*****
and the Deathly Hallows*****

Twilight saga:
New moon:****
Breaking Dawn***** best book

House of night series:

The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel:
The Alchemyst******
The Magician******
The Sorceress

Monday, August 3, 2009

Welcome to Our Moon

If you're reading this first post, that means that you have some interest in books, movies and friendship. Kudos to you! This page is created exclusively for The Order of the Moon, a book club dedicated to everything that comes to our pretty little heads. We chose the name because the Moon is a very beautiful entity in our solar system (or at least that why I think we chose it, I don't know about you Sergio and Anestazcia).

This blog will be periodically updated with book recommendations, book reviews, book lists, reviews about movies based on books and anything else we would like. At times, the web is the best place to vent out all of your ideas and opinions, or squee like a little fan girl. Why not have a special place were you can get together, when you can't physically get together, to talk about the latest book you might have read, or about a book that you have been collectively reading as a book club should? This blog will be dedicated to our imagination and our most inner thoughts. Let us all bask in the opportunity to share with the world who we really are. For some of us (i.e. me), the opportunity of be our selves was not given to us. Let's all stand up (uh, well sit down, in our computer chairs), raise our voices, and spread the word. That's what this blog is for, for all of us, not just the founders of this club. We would love to extend anyone the chance to speak as they see fit about anything they would like. The moderators and posters of this blog will be the founders, but comments, opinions and ideas are always welcomed, even if you share a different view on what might be discussed. We are all free people, and we deserve to be heard.

In the next few posts, we the founders would like to introduce our selves. It's best to get to know each other, so that we know who we are working with. We will try to provide as much background information as we find appropriate for the Internet.

Again, we are open to suggestions, comments and ideas. Hope you love what we have created here!

Lots of Love from Jessica (One of the Co-Founders of The Order of the Moon)